The Center for Learning and Civic Engagement / مركز التعلم والمشاركة المدنية

The Community College of Qatar has established the Center for Learning and Civic Engagement (CLCE).

The mission of the CLCE is to enhance student learning through a variety of active engagement initiatives including Learning Communities, Honors, International Studies, and Service Learning.

The role of the CLCE is to promote and sustain learning engagement, encourage collaboration among students, faculty, and the community, as well as enhance teaching and learning, leading to student excellence.

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A Learning Community is defined as pairing two courses taught by different faculty members; the same group of students would sign up for each course. In a Learning Community, faculty utilize multiple collaborative approaches to achieve mastery of learning content.

First, there is collaborative content; the content of two disciplines merges to form a more comprehensive investigation of an area of study. Second, faculty members collaborate to develop the instructional strategy for a course. Third, there is collaboration among students for acquiring the knowledge and skills required in a course of study. Learners support and assist each another in mastering an area of study.

- Learning Community proposal form for faculty

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The CLCE has created an International Studies program, which includes:

  • Study Abroad
  • International Service Learning
  • Internationalization of courses

CCQ Students Educational Trip to Spain

Alumnos del Community College de Qatar visitan el Ayuntamiento de Salamanca

The objective of International Studies Programs is to immerse students in the languages, cultures, history, and sciences of various parts of the world.  Through a scholastically challenging, professionally applicable, and personally rewarding international learning experience, students will be endowed with expertise and skills to effectively interact with local and global communities and grow into culturally perceptive citizens.

The outcome will allow CCQ students to gain multicultural awareness as well be able to put their experience into a greater global and academic context.

- Study abroad proposal form for faculty

- International studies course designation proposal form for faculty

- International service trip proposal form for faculty

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The objective of the Honors Program is to offer a more challenging and rewarding academic experience for CCQ's most scholastically driven students. 

Honors courses

  • identify, motivate, and mentor high-achieving students.
  • include intensive reading, writing and research.
  • include interdisciplinary themes.
  • augment honors graduate's transcripts.
  • include intensive faculty guidance for students.
  • innovative courses will be created especially for the Honors Program.

To gain entry into the program, students must

  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50, which they must maintain as an Honors Student.
  • submit an Honors Program application and sign an Honors Contract.
  • maintain a clean disciplinary record.
- New Honors Course Proposal
- Honors Application form - Students
- Honors By Contract Form
- Honors Reference Letter Form

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Service Learning is a type of experiential learning that combines civic and community service with academic instruction.  It creates the opportunity for academically-relevant critical and reflective thinking in the context of personal and civic responsibility. 

Some examples of Service Learning implemented by CCQ faculty in their courses are

  • English Composition - Writing tutors
    • This program identifies the strongest writers and recruits them to help lower-achieving students improve their writing skills. 
  • Political Science – Improving the Total Human Condition
    • Students volunteer at organizations, ministries, companies, and other entities that are involved in providing services and/or policy solutions to improving the human condition within the Qatari community or overseas through the Qatari community and its organizations.

- Service learning proposal form for faculty

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The CLCE also offers Community Service opportunities to students at large; these opportunities are not linked to courses, but allow students to engage in community projects.

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The Community College of Qatar holds an annual International Learning and Civic Engagement Symposium. This event aims to highlight the impact of learning and civic engagement practices in higher education institutions and how these practices promote student success.

The inaugural symposium was held at CCQ's Lusail Women's Campus on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 and included presentations from special guest speakers from the American University of Cairo, Pellissippi State Community College (USA) Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, and Qatar University.

For more information about the 2016 event, see the links below.
Symposium 2016 Program

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