Department of Workforce Education and Community Development

Mission and Vision

College Mission:

The mission of the Community College of Qatar is to respond effectively to the education and training needs of the Qatari community. It is also to work in partnership with the community to meet the evolving needs of the nation as it strives to realize the goal of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Finally, its mission is to provide access to quality programs to students seeking to pursue higher education.

College Vision:

The Community College of Qatar shall be a leading educational institution providing higher education and diverse opportunities for lifelong learning. The Community College of Qatar shall provide a healthy learning environment inspiring student success and promoting active participation and effective service to the community.

Workforce Education and Community Development Mission:

The mission of the department of Workforce Education and Community Development at CCQ is to respond to the training and development needs of the local community in the State of Qatar by offering a wide range of quality career and technical programs as well as professional development and lifelong learning opportunities for individualsseeking to retrain, learn new skills or update their workforce skills.

Key Goals:

  1. Develop or up-grade the skills of current workers for advancement and/or transition in the workplace.
  2. Respond to identified workforce needs by establishing credit and non-credit career and technical education programs (Employability Skills Certificates and Associate of Applied Science degree programs).
  3. Create career pathways that map the Workforce Education courses and programs to secondary and other post-secondary occupational degree programs by aligning courses across the educational spectrum from secondary education to pre-college to college and to four year university.
  4. Provide personal enrichment courses and programs to improve individuals through leisure study.
  5. Engage CCQ students and the community by establishing strategic and educational partnerships as well as organizing and delivering professional development seminars, workshops, and/or conferences.