Engineering Technology

The primary purpose of the Engineering Technology (ET) programs at CCQ is to prepare the graduates for technically oriented careers that meet the growing demand for expertise in technological areas that deal with the applied scientific knowledge to a variety of industrial, commercial, consulting, and governmental organizations at the State of Qatar. The program integrates communication skills, theoretical, and applied competencies to prepare students for new technologies and engage them in a lifelong learning process.  

The flexible 2 + 2 model was selected, where the first 2-years of the program provide the curriculum for an Associate of Science (AS) degree in ET whereas the second 2-years provide the curriculum for a Bachelor of Science (BS).

CCQ offers the following ET Programs:

• Associate of Science in Engineering Technology  (Electrical or Mechanical concentration)

• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Secure an entry (AS)/professional (BS) position in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology or engage in graduate education.
  • Communicate and collaborate successfully individually and within a team.
  • Engage in professional development by applying principles of continuous learning to adapt new technologies and career challenges.
  • Consider legal, ethical, and social implications related to the practice of ET profession.

The demands of expanding technology place ET graduates in one of the fastest-growing career fields. CCQ ET program graduates will be able to secure positions in ET at Government Agencies and Engineering companies in any of the following fields and other related careers:

AS-Engineering Technology

Entry-level positions in maintenance, testing, calibration, and installation that support the ET needs of the corresponding organization.

BS-Electrical ET

Professional level positions in maintenance, troubleshooting, safety and preventive measures in telecommunications, instrumentation, control, industrial manufacturing and testing, research and development, technical service and sales.

BS-Mechanical ET

Professional level positions in production design and development, system control, manufacturing, testing and reliability, quality control/assurance, research and development, technical operations, or technical services and sales.

  • AS in Engineering Technology :65 credit hours
  • BS in Electrical  Engineering Technology : 130 credit hours (AS in Engineering Technology +65 credit hours)
  • BS in Mechanical  Engineering Technology : 130 credit hours (AS in Engineering Technology +65 credit hours)

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