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Objective of Honors Program

The objective of the Honors Program is to offer a more challenging and rewarding academic      

experience for CCQ's most educationally-driven students.

Student Benefits

  • Recognition at graduation and on transcript
  • Take innovative courses created especially for the Honors Program
  • Intensive faculty guidance
  • Priority for early registration
  • Priority for Study Abroad
  • Scholarships for further study
  • Recognition at annual Honors Awards banquet
  • Attending conferences and sponsored events

    Faculty Benefits
  • Teaching in the Honors program is given great weight in the faculty annual appraisal
  • Priority-funding for design projects with Honors students

Invitation to workshops to enhance teaching

Admission Requirements

  • Have minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50, which they must maintain as an Honors Student.
  • Maintain a clean disciplinary record.
  • Submit an Honors Program application and sign an Honors Contract.

    Required Forms:

Contact Information:

Honors Program

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