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What is a Learning Community Program?

Learning Community is a group or cohort of students who share common academic goals and work collaboratively in the classroom with one or more professors. It brings them together with structured integration of curricular (co-enrollment in classes) and co-curricular learning, in order to provide a supportive, academically-focused environment that cultivates a sense of community and empowers students to become engaged citizens on-campus and in the community.

Student Benefits

  • Student retention - Grades improve and students do better at their studies.
  • Strengthened Learning & Critical Thinking skills
  • Student participants are more engaged learners.
  • Students experience learning at a deeper level.
  • Increased class attendance.
  • Students more likely to complete course of study.
  • Students feel a greater connection to the college.
  • Students in Learning Communities have the opportunity to broaden their learning experience.

Faculty Benefits

  • Interact and collaborate between departments and disciplines
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of effective teaching methods
  • Share ideas about effective approaches to teaching
  • Practice and model lifelong learning
  • Information, concepts, and skill sets are reinforced across disciplines
  • Provide mutual support and encouragement
  • Take risks and experiment with new approaches to teaching.
  • Have the opportunity to attend various social and academic support events

Admission Process

  1. The CLCE Committee members will choose two or more courses to be in the Learning Community Program.
  2. To register in a Learning Community, you are required to co-enroll in at least two courses.
  3. Send your request to the Program's email address.
  4. If your request is accepted, you will be contacted by the Committee.

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Learning Communities

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