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What is the Study Abroad program

Under the International Studies Committee of the CLCE, the Study Abroad program coordinates opportunities for CCQ students to study in another country for academic credit or enrichment. The program encourages CCQ faculty to lead students in brief overseas academic stays linked to the curriculum, as an enhancement to their CCQ course offerings.  The committee is interested in partnering and facilitating partnerships between CCQ and other institutions abroad to enhance academic and lifelong learning opportunities for CCQ students and faculty.

Student Benefits

  • discovering a new culture
  • immersing oneself in a foreign language
  • enhancing one's professional CV and academic profile
  • attaining stronger cross-cultural skills
  • making new friends

Faculty Benefits

  • academic flexibility and expansion of the curriculum in real-life applications
  • Practical pedagogy while instructing students in the targeted field
  • professional collaborations
  • learning of current trends and innovations from global academic partners
  • professional enhancement
  • conducting research in one's field
  • lifelong learning

Admission Process

The admission process for the Study Abroad program is open to all CCQ students under the terms of a faculty member's Study Abroad proposal.  All CCQ faculty are welcome at any time to present a Study Abroad proposal to the International Studies Committee of the CLCE.

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