The Center for Learning and Civic Engagement

The Center for Learning and Civic Engagement



The Center for Learning and Civic Engagement (CLCE) transforms students into leaders who will positively contribute to their communities and the world. Our programs, including International Studies, Honors, Service Learning, Learning Communities, empower each student to discover their passions, talents, and strengths, while developing their skills and understanding of leadership and active citizenship.


CLCE Vision

CLCE shall be the center for support and guidance to engage, educate, and empower the CCQ community to be responsible leaders and lifelong learners.


CLCE Mission

Affirming the central goals of the College, the Center for Learning and Civic Engagement creates and sustains opportunities for meaningful engagement to promote learning, broaden knowledge, cultivate skills, and develop mutual relationships locally, nationally, and globally. Through analysis, reflection, and thoughtful action, the CLCE encourages integration of engagement with the CCQ's commitment to excellence in education, student development, teaching, learning, and scholarship.


CLCE Goals 

  • Supporting the development and implementation of academically rigorous courses across the curriculum that respond to needs and effectively utilize assets identified by the college and community.
  • Seeking and promoting opportunities for student and faculty scholarship within the realms of citizenship, community engagement, and service-learning pedagogy.
  • Structuring service opportunities in developmental sequences that offer students progressively responsible service and leadership experiences in culturally diverse settings.
  • Assisting students in develop the knowledge, skills, sensitivity, and commitment necessary for a lifetime of meaningful and effective participation in public life and in their communities.
  • Actively seeking the guidance of community, faculty, staff, and student constituencies to continually assess and improve our work.


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