English Language Center (ELC)

Currently, the ELC offers intensive courses in Reading, Writing and Grammar to develop students’ academic skills for college level study. The courses are structured into a unique cohort system whereby instructors collaborate in a team to build up students’ academic skills. This method blends separate skills instruction with an integrated skills approach. Each teaching cohort follows a common delivery plan to reinforce and consolidate the skills being taught in each subject for a particular group of students. Rather than using a lecture model of mostly instructor-student interaction, the cohort model brings students together to foster a collaborative learning environment and to deliver lessons that are engaging, challenging and communicative.

Course Name Course # Description SLO – Student Learning Outcome

Level 1

Reading, Writing and Grammar

0901Foundation level English- Write a paragraph of 10 sentences about one topic.
- Read and understand passages of up to 600 words.
- Use basic language to communicate about familiar topics.

Level 2

Reading, Writing and Grammar

0902Elementary Level English

- Write a connected paragraph of at least 15 sentences.
- Read and understand passages of up to 1000 words.
- Use pre-intermediate level language for communicative tasks

Level 3

Reading, Writing and Grammar

0903Pre-Intermediate Level English

- Produce a multi-paragraph essay of at least 20 sentences.
- Read and understand passages of up to 1200 words.
- Use intermediate level language to communicate about both   familiar and unfamiliar topics.

Level 4

Reading, Writing and Grammar

0904Intermediate Level English

- Write a short essay of 25 sentences.
- Read and understand passages of up to 1500 words.
- Use more advanced structures to communicate on familiar and unfamiliar topics.


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