English Language Center (ELC)

The English Language Center (ELC) at the Community College of Qatar has been established with the intent to equip learners for study in college-level courses taught in English and help them attain a prerequisite level of English for Arabic track programs.

The Foundation English Program, administered by the ELC, takes an integrated approach to teaching the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, with special attention paid to fluency and accuracy development. ELC teachers help students interact fully with English in a real-world type environment, with the help of texts, audiovisual equipment and media, and a wide variety of learning activities.

There are approximately 40 full-time English language teachers working in the ELC department at present. ELC instructors endeavor to plan, teach, and follow up on lessons and assessments that are both engaging and challenging for students. The multi-cultural character of the ELC team exposes students to a wide range of English teaching methodologies and teaching styles. All teachers belong to two or more committees, each of which has a specific function in facilitating the smooth operation of the Center. The ELC shall carry out its professional duties with a view to upholding CCQ’s status as an institution of educational excellence.


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