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Foundation English Level 3 is a General English course intended to provide students with a foundation from which they can advance from B1 Independent User (CEFR) to low B2.1 Threshold level (CEFR). It is a pre-requisite for Level 4, which in turn is a pre-requisite for CCQ English track programs.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students should be able to do the following at the appropriate CEFR level:

• Can derive the probable meaning of simple unknown words from short, familiar contexts.
• Can scan short texts to locate specific information, identify the main purpose, main topic and related ideas in a structured text;
• Can interpret data and information, make basic inferences or predictions about text content from headings, titles or headlines.

• Can write an everyday connected text using a set of short elements or facts and building them into a sequence making simple, logical paragraph breaks in a longer text showing basic relationship between parts of a text and using concluding sentence.
• Can write short, simple essays with details with basic structure on familiar topics with a basic description of experiences, past and future events and activities, feelings and reactions, given a model.
• Can write an effective basic summary of a simple text using the original wording and paragraph order.

• Can follow, identify, and interpret the main points and key information such as dates, numbers and quantities of narratives, conversations and presentations about familiar topics (e.g. work, leisure) delivered in clear standard speech, follow the linear structure of a short formal talk.
• Can identify instructions and comprehend the gist of explanations of unfamiliar cultural practices and customs, if delivered slowly and clearly.
• Can listen to a short narrative and predict what will happen next and recognize a speaker's feelings or attitudes.

• Can describe future plans, intentions, events, dreams and hopes using fixed expressions; give opinions with brief reasons/justifications in discussing topics of interest.
• Can give straightforward and detailed descriptions on a variety of familiar subjects including experiences, describing feelings and reactions.
• Can construct a story and give a short talk about a familiar topic, with visual support providing details in the past.
• Can paraphrase a simple factual statement related to a familiar topic and explain the meaning of a word or phrase using simple language. ​

Level 3

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