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Foundation English Level 4 is a General English course intended to provide students with a foundation from which they can advance from low B2.1 Threshold level to high B2.1 Threshold level (CEFR). It is a pre-requisite for CCQ English track programs.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students should be able to do the following at the appropriate CEFR level:

• Can differentiate facts and opinion, recognize significant points and arguments in straightforward texts on familiar topics as well as the general line of a written argument.
• Can recognize cause and effect, problem and solution, chronological sequence, and compare-contrast relationships in a formal structured text.
• Can deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words and figurative language, based on information in a text and make inferences or predictions about its content.

• Can write the relationship between a main point (topic) and supporting details and ideas in a structured text describing, analyzing, persuading, and reasoning on a certain familiar topic.
• Can identify correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in written texts and organize thoughts and ideas using appropriate cohesive devices.
• Can evaluate an argument and introduce a counter-argument in a simple discursive text by analyzing the argument and coming up with refutation / acceptance (counter arguments).

• Can distinguish between main ideas and supporting details and examples related to the topic in familiar, standard texts.
• Can identify the main reasons for and against an argument or idea in a discussion delivered in clear standard speech.
• Can identify relationships between ideas; make inferences and predictions.
• Can deduce the general meaning of a passage from context in a longer, structured text.

• Can give reasons and explanations for opinions, plans, thoughts, and actions with support and examples.
• Can paraphrase a simple factual statement related to a familiar topic using lexico-grammatical tools like synonyms, antonyms, restatement, conditional statements, etc.
• Can reconstruct a familiar story or relate a straightforward narrative or description using their level appropriate words and the ones they study in the unit.​

Level 4

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