DePaul University Articulation

The Community College of Qatar and DePaul University have formed an articulation agreement in May 2015.  This articulation agreement allows many of the Community College of Qatar classes to transfer to DePaul University. Below is additional information on the admissions requirements and the current status of Community College of Qatar classes regarding transferability.

GPA Requirements
Transfer applicants to the colleges of Communication, Computing and Digital Media, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Science and Health must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
Applicants to the Driehaus College of Business, College of Education and School of Music must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Proof of English Proficiency. 

This can be demonstrated by one of the following:

A minimum grade of C in Composition I and Composition II (or the equivalent to DePaul's WRD 103 and WRD 104).

IBT TOEFL: minimum score of 80, with no section lower than 17; 
PBT TOEFL: minimum score of 550 
IELTS: minimum score of 6.5 overall 
PTEA (Pearson Test of English-Academic): minimum score of 53


Application Deadlines 

Priority Application Filing Period                                Deadline              Classes Begin

Fall Quarter: January 1 - April 1                                  July 1                    September

Winter Quarter: June 1 - September 1                     October 1               January

Spring Quarter: November 1 - January 1                  February 15            March

Summer Quarter: February 1 – March 1                   April 15                   June



Community College of Qatar Classes Articulation Status with DePaul University


Dept. Number Title Credit Hours Current Articulation 2015-2016 Comments
ACCT2301Principles of Accounting I3ACC 101Syllabus with itinerary reviewed.
ACCT2302Principles of Accounting II3ACC 100 TSyllabus with itinerary reviewed; not applicable to ACC 102 or 303.
ACCT2303Principles of Accounting II3ACC 4RVWSyllabus with itinerary required.
ACNT1303Introduction to Accounting I3ACC 101AAS review completed by ACC.
ACNT1313Computerized Accounting Applications3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
ANTH2351Cultural Anthropology3ANT 102Course description reviewed.
ARAB1301Arabic I3ARB 198Per description review.
ARAB1302Arabic II3ARB 198Per description review.
ARAB1371Arabic Composition I3ARB 298Per description review.
ARAB1372Arabic Composition II3ARB 298Per description review.
ASTR1303Stars and Galaxies3PHY 104Per syllabus review.
BCIS1305Business Computer Applications3CSC 99Rejected by CS. Per syllabus review.
BCIS1405Business Computer Applications3No RuleDegree applicability required.
BIOL1106General Biology Lab I1BIO 100 TPer syllabus review.
BIOL1107General Biology Lab II1BIO 100 TPer description review.
BIOL1306General Biology Lecture I3BIO 100 T****BIOL 1306 + 1106 = DPU BIO 191.
BIOL1307General Biology Lecture II3BIO 100 T****BIOL 1307 + 1107 = DPU BIO 192 OR 193. BIOL 1306 & 1106 + 1307 & 1107 = DPU BIO 191, 192 & 193 sequence. Per description & syllabi reviews.
BIOL1322Basic Nutrition3BIO 156Syllabus reviewed
BIOL2401Anatomy and Physiology I4HLTH 301Syllabus reviewed.  Rejected by BIO.
BIOL2402Anatomy and Physiology II4BIO 4RVWSyllabus required for review.
BMGT1301Supervision3MGT 360Syllabus reviewed.
BMGT1327Principles of Management3MGT 300Syllabus reviewed.
BUSG1303Principles of Finance3FIN 310AAS review completed by FIN.
BUSI1301Introduction to Business3ICS 200Syllabus with itinerary reviewed.
CCNA1301Networking Fundamentals3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
CCNA1302Routing Protocols and Concepts3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
CCNA1303LAN Switching and Wireless3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
CCNA1304Accessing the Wan3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
CHEM1305Introductory Chemistry I3CHE 128****Satisfies CHE 128 & 129. Per syllabus review.
CHEM1311General Chemistry I3CHE 102Syllabus reviewed.
CHEM1411General Chemistry I4CHE 130****Satisfies CHE 130 & 131. Per syllabus review.
CHEM1412General Chemistry II4CHE 134****Satisfies CHE 134 & 135. CHEM 1411 + 1412 = DPU CHE 130/131, 132/133 & 134/135 sequence. Per description review.
COMM1307Introduction to Mass Communications3CMN 102Per syllabus review.
COMM2311Newsgathering and Writing I3JOUR 278Syllabus reviewed.
COSC1436Programming Fundamentals I4CSC 200 T**CCQ 1436 + 1437 = DPU CSC 241 & 242. Per syllabus review.
COSC1437Programming Fundamentals II4CSC 242Per syllabus review.
CUST1301Introduction to Border Control3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST1302International Trade Documentation3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST1303Customs Commercial Operations3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST1304Customs Inspection I3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST2315Export Control & Duty Suspension Regimes3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST2326Customs Inspection II3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST2337GCC Common Customs Law3No RuleDegree applicability required.
CUST2348International Trade Organizations3No RuleDegree applicability required.
DRAM1310Introduction to Theatre3THE 100Per syllabus review.
DRAM2366Survey and History of Film3MCS 200 T ALPer syllabus review.
DRAM2367The Art of Filmmaking3MCS 200 T ALPer syllabus review.
ECON2301Principles of Macroeconomics3ECO 100 T SSMWPer syllabus review.
ECON2302Principles of Microeconomics3ECO 100 T SSMWPer syllabus review.
EDUC1300Learning Framework3EDU 100 TPer description review.
ELAC903Foundation English Level III9No RuleVODA & course description required
ELAC904Foundations English Level IV9No RuleVODA & course description required
ENGL100Developmental English1RejectedDevelopmental
ENGL347Grammar and Composition for Foreign Speakers II3RejectedDevelopmental
ENGL349Advanced Composition for Foreign Speakers3RejectedESL.
ENGL1301Composition I3WRD 103Per syllabus review.
ENGL1302Composition II3WRD 104Per syllabus review.
ENGL2311Technical and Industrial Correspondence and Report Writing3No RuleDegree applicability required.
ENGL2322British Literature: Beginnings to Neo-Classical3ENG 200 T ALPer syllabus review.
ENGL2323British Literature: Romanticism to Present3ENG 200 T ALPer syllabus review.
ENGL2332Literature of the Western World: Ancient to Renaissance3ENG 280Per syllabus review.
ENGL2333Literature of the Western World: Neo-Classical to Present3ENG 281Per syllabus review.
ENGL2342Introduction to Fiction3ENG 200 T ALPer description review.
ENGL2374Introduction to Poetry3ENG 220Per syllabus review.
ENGR1201Introduction to Engineering2No RuleDegree applicability required.
ENGR2301Engineering Statics3No RuleDegree applicability required.
ENGR2302Engineering Dynamics3No RuleDegree applicability required.
ENVR1301Environmental Science3ENV 101Per description review.
GEOL1403Physical Geology4ENV 115Per description review.
GOVT2301American Government I3PSC 96Per syllabus review.
GOVT2302American Government II3PSC 96Per syllabus review.
GOVT2303Intro to International Relations3PSC 140Per description review.
GOVT2304Introduction to Political Science3PSC 100 T SSMWPer syllabus review.
GOVT2305American National Government3PSC 120Per description review.
GOVT2306State Local Government3PSC 225Per description review.
GOVT2325Middle Eastern Politics3PSC 249Syllabus reviewed.
GUST1270College and Career Planning3RejectedCollege orientation.
HIST1301United States History to 18773HST 181Per syllabus review.
HIST1302United States History after 18773HST 183Per syllabus review.
HIST1385History of Qatar3HST 200 T UPPer description review.
HIST2321The Origins and Development of World Civilizations3HST 112Per syllabus review.
HIST2322Modern World Civilizations: 1500-Present3HST 112Per syllabus review.
ISLA1301Islamic Civilization & Culture3REL 116Per syllabus review.
ITSW2334Advanced Spreadsheets3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
LAWQ2371Qatar Business Law3No RuleDegree applicability required.
LEAD1200Workforce Development with Critical Thinking2No RuleDegree applicability required.
MRKT1311Principles of Marketing3MKT 301Syllabus with itinerary reviewed.
MATH1314College Algebra3MAT 130Per syllabus review.
MATH1316Plane Trigonometry3MAT 131Per syllabus review.
MATH1324Finite Mathematics with Applications3MAT 100 TPer syllabus review.
MATH1325Elements of Calculus with Applications3MAT 100 TPer description review.
MATH1342Statistics3MAT 242Per description review.
MATH2412Precalculus4MAT 100 TPer syllabus review.
MATH2413Calculus I4MAT 150Per syllabus review.
MATH2414Calculus II4MAT 152****Satisfies MAT 151 & 152. MATH 2413 + 2414 = DPU MAT 150, 151 & 152 sequence. Per syllabus review.
MATH2415Calculus III4No RuleDegree applicabiltiy required.
MIST2371Introduction to MIS3No RuleDegree applicability and syllabus required.
MRKG1311Principles of Marketing3MKT 301Per description review.
MRKT1311Principles of Marketing3MKT 4RVWSyllabus with itinerary sent for review.
MUSI1301Music Fundamentals3MUS 107Per syllabus review.
MUSI1306Music Appreciation3MUS 100Per syllabus review.
PHIL1301Introduction to Philosophy3PHL 100Per syllabus review.
PHIL2306Introduction to Ethics3PHL 200Per syllabus review.
PHIL2307Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy3PHL 315Per description review.
PHYS1101College Physics I - Lab1PHY 100 T LABSyllabus reviewed
PHYS1301College Physics I3PHY 150Syllabus reviewed
PHYS1401College Physics I4PHY 150Per description review.
PHYS1305Introductory Physics I3PHY 100 T SIPer syllabus review.
PHYS2125Physics Laboratory I1PHY 100 TPer description review.
PHYS2126Physics Laboratory II1PHY 100 TPer description review.
PHYS2325University Physics I3PHY 100 T****PHYS 2325 + 2125 = DPU PHY PHY 170. Per description review.
PHYS2326University Physics II3PHY 100 T****PHYS 2326 + 2126 = DPU PHY 172. PHYS 2325 & PHYS 2125 + 2326 & 2126 = DPU PHY 170, 171 & 172 sequence. Per description review.
PSYC2301Introduction to Psychology3PSY 105Per syllabus review.
PSYC2314Human Growth and Development3PSY 303Syllabus reviewed.
PSYC2316Psychology of Personality3PSY 353Syllabus reviewed.
PSYC2370Cross-Cultural Psychology3PSY 345Syllabus reviewed.
SOCI2336Criminology3SOC 220Per description review.
SOCI1301Introduction to Sociology3SOC 101Per syllabus review.
SPAN1411Beginning Spanish I4SPN 198Per description review.
SPCH1315Public Speaking3INTC 220Per syllabus review.
SPCH1321Business and Professional Communication3ORGC 201Per syllabus review.


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