Instructional Technology and Learning Center

The Instructional Technology and Learning Center (ITLC) was established by the Community College of Qatar to enhance the use of instructional technology throughout CCQ's campuses. With state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, ITLC provides faculty, staff, and students with various services and training to enable them to enrich their knowledge and utilize the use of the current and emerging technologies.

The ITLC manages the instructional design processes and administers its Course Management System, facilitating technology-rich teaching and learning through collaborative curricular innovation, including new course development, faculty training/support, and service reliability and consistency.

The ITLC also works closely with faculty on the design and development of instructional content that will be used in traditional on-campus courses; plans, coordinates and conducts workshops on the use of new technologies; conducts research on emerging technologies for use in an academic setting; and provides instruction and support to students and staff to develop their technical skills.


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