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Student Complaints
The Community College of Qatar seeks to achieve justice and equality in all matters related to its students and their relationship with their colleagues, faculty and administrative staff, by adopting fair and transparent policies and procedures.

Student Counseling
Student Counseling is one of the key departments providing psychosocial support and assistance to students, as it deals with resolving any difficulties that students may encounter while maintaining the privacy of each case, as well as helping students adapt to college life.

Non-academic Disputes
Non-academic disputes include, for example, immoral behavior such as verbal or physical harassment, threats, vandalism or arbitrary behavior within college premises, imposition of fines or fees, or even exclusion from the use of a particular service, discrimination, accessing records, and policy violations.

Informal Resolution Method
The student should first try to resolve his or her disputes in an amicable and informal manner as soon as possible by discussing the problem directly with the other party to the conflict. If the dispute occurred between a student and a faculty member or administrative staff, the student may submit the grievance to the direct supervisor of the employee or the faculty member’s head of department. While the college encourages its students to resolve issues they face in a friendly and informal manner, some disputes may need to follow the formal resolution method.

Formal Resolution Method
1. Write and submit a grievance via email to Student Counseling or hand the written grievance in person to the responsible counselor, with the following information filled in: the subject of the grievance, the individuals involved in the dispute, and the date and location of the incident.

2. The Associate Dean for Student Services shall consider the matter of grievance and shall discreetly refer the case to the concerned entity. The student shall be informed of the decision taken via e-mail within (10) working days from the date of submitting the grievance.

3. The student is not entitled to submit any appeal after the decision of the Associate Dean for Student Services and the decision is considered final, except in cases where the decision involves dismissing the student from the College, in which case the student is permitted to submit an appeal to the College President.
4. All documentation concerning the grievance (paper or electronic form) shall be kept at the office of the Associate Dean for Student Services.

Student Grievance Form

Student Grievances

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