Hybrid Learning

Please note the following information about our hybrid courses in general:
• The course instructor has prepared many activities that students will access through Blackboard.  
• The course curriculum has been divided into online activities (including activities such as discussions, quizzes, writing, reading, speaking, listening, and videos), and classroom activities (lecture, discussion, quizzes, examinations, essays) that will take place in class.
• To be successful, students should be comfortable using Blackboard and computer technology in general.
• High- speed internet and reliable computer access (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) using a browser (not Blackboard Apps!) are needed.
• Regular classroom attendance and online participation will be required.  Professors will monitor attendance based on both in-classroom presence and student participation in Blackboard-based online activities. 
• Classes will be assessed both through classroom activities and online work.
• Students will follow the CCQ Academic Honesty policies in their course work.
• Students must be comfortable with working in a self-paced and self-directed way.   Professors will provide clear instructions but students will need to be active in their learning.  This class will not focus on lectures, but on student activity through which they will practice and learn.
• This class is ideal for students needing some flexibility in attending class sessions but who are willing and able to take responsibility for their learning and course work.  
• This class allows students to have more control over how they learn, which is ideal for some learners.

General Instructions

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