CCQ students may concurrently study at another academic institution while studying at the College, taking into consideration the following:

• You must obtain approval from an Academic Advisor and the Enrollment Management Section first.
• You must enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours at CCQ to be able to submit a Cross-Registration request for fall and spring semesters, and a minimum of 3 credit hours for summer semester.
• The combined credit hours taken at both institutions per semester must not exceed the hours permitted according to your GPA.
• The maximum number of credit hours for which you can register in each semester depends upon your GPA, and/or the maximum number of credit hours permitted at your home institution.
• Upon completing the course at the host institution, you must contact the Enrollment Management Section at CCQ to submit a transfer request form. Credit transfer conditions must be met.
• The courses that are considered for transfer from all universities to CCQ must be passed with a grade "C" or higher, and are converted to "T" without affecting the student's GPA at CCQ. Courses that are submitted for transfer must be completed a maximum of 5 years before the date of submission.
• To ensure their transfer to CCQ, the student is responsible for selecting the courses that are included in the articulation between CCQ and QU before being registered with QU.
• The College policy states that the last 15 hours earned for students in the associate degree program and the last 30 hours earned in the bachelor degree program must be studied at CCQ.


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