About CCQ

Vision, Mission and Goals

CCQ Vision
The Community College of Qatar shall become a model for excellence, a pioneer in offering distinctive learning opportunities, and an efficient contributor in achieving sustainable development.

CCQ Mission
The College offers academic programs that  respond  to  market  and  community  needs, to enrich students’ success and to empower them to achieve their goals and ambitions, and  to  actively  participate  in  achieving sustainable development goals.

CCQ Values

National Values, Heritage and Culture:
The College fosters the nation’s rich heritage and Islamic values and seeks to participate proactively in the preservation, development and sustainability of Qatari culture.

The College is committed to playing a leading role in extending and disseminating knowledge and digital awareness, through its focus on enhancing students’ abilities in education, learning and problem solving.

The College pursues continuous improvement and the provision of programs and services of international standards to its stakeholders.

Creativity and Innovation:
The College values creative thinking, innovation and expression.

Responsibility and Accountability:
The College exercises careful stewardship of its financial, human capital and intellectual resources. Faculty, staff and students take responsibility for upholding these values and are held accountable for their actions.

Ethical Behavior:
The College is committed to the highest and strictest principles of ethical behavior. It pledges to operate as a team with transparency, consistency, integrity and fairness.

CCQ Strategic Goals 2020-2023

1) Distinctive, Unique Education
To provide high-quality, distinctive and unique educational opportunities that support student achievement goals, respond to the labor market needs, and align with the state’s strategic directions.

2) Student Success and Enrichment
To provide  an  educational  environment  that  reinforces  student  success  and fosters students' potentials and capabilities to reach their aspirations​.

3) Human Capital Excellence
To enhance human capital attraction, development and retention of distinguished, skilled professionals, while providing a reliable working environment​.

4) Physical and Technological Recourses
To boost the educational process and provided service level in accordance with state of  the  art  technological  trends,  promote  digital  awareness  culture, and provide required infrastructure for current and future needs.

5) Institutional Excellence
To improve institutional performance through the application of effective governance of planning, policy development, decision making and quality assurance processes.

Vision, Mission and Goals

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