About CCQ

Vision, Mission and Goals


CCQ shall be an educational institution of excellence, embracing those seeking higher education, empowering the Qatari community, and promoting life-long learning.


  • Providing quality student-centered education in response to the needs of the Qatari community
  • Enabling students to achieve academic and career advancement
  • Encouraging civic engagement

Strategic Goals

1) Program Excellence

Provide a wide range of quality programs relevant to the needs of the Qatari community.

2) Student Success and Enrichment 

Improve the rate of student success through intellectual, personal and social development in a supportive and nurturing environment.

3) Human Capital Excellence

Enhance attraction, development and retention of highly skilled professionals.

4) Institutional Excellence

Achieve institutional effectiveness through an evidence-based process of planning, decision-making, quality assurance and policy development.

5) Technological and Physical Resources

Enhance learning and services through expanding the use of innovative technology. Provide sufficient and appropriate facilities to meet the current and future needs of the college and the Qatari community.

Vision, Mission and Goals

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