About CCQ

​Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision
To thrive as the catalyst that advances the academic development of students and bolsters their career prospects.

Our Mission
To enable students through pathways to successful employment, personal development, and life-long learning via distinctive, flexible education and industry collaborations.

Our Strategic Goals
1.Quality Education
Provide high quality academic and workforce-oriented programs and environments that prepare students to be knowledgeable and productive members of society.

2.Human Capital Excellence
Expand and enhance the attraction, development and retention of high caliber faculty and staff.

3.Robust Partnerships
Build strong, visible partnerships with different entities to further strengthen CCQ in the achievement of its goals.

4.Supportive Student Services
Promote a unified, supportive and engaging culture for students through a diverse set of services.

5.Effective Institution
Ensure efficient and effective use of resources and enablers across the institution to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Vision, Mission and Goals

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