Records Services
​Updating Personal Information
The Records Section updates the student’s data (name - nationality) by asking the student to fill out and submit the Information Update Request to the Records Section after showing his/her Qatari ID card and the official documents proving the change of his/her name or nationality. The student’s data will be updated accordingly.

Final Withdrawal Request
A student who wishes to withdraw from the Community College of Qatar must fill out a Withdrawal Request form. The student should know, though, that he or she will have to re-pay a re-enrollment fee if he or she wishes to register again in the College, in addition to paying the fees for the courses that were dropped and then re-registered.

Certified Letters
Upon student’s consent and after filling out a data release form, and sending an email to, the Records Section issues letters to external parties, such as embassies and other educational institutions, about the student’s status, academic level, degree, and a letter verifying authenticity of data.

Other Services

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