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​​​CCQ students may study outside CCQ, taking into consideration the following:
- The student’s cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher
- Credits may be awarded for courses from an accredited private or public university or college with a grade of Good “C” or better, or a numerical grade of 70 or higher. Such course will be included in the student's study plan but will not be calculated into the GPA.
- The course shall be considered for transfer only if the following conditions are met: 1) Equivalent course objectives 2) Equivalent educational outcomes3) The content of the transfer course corresponds to 70%, or above, of CCQ’s course content 4) Equivalent number of CCQ’s credit hours or higher
- Adherence to the academic load policy:
- Within the country: The total number of hours does not exceed 15 hours in either the community college or any other educational institution, or based on student’s average in the college.
- Abroad: the student is not allowed to take courses at CCQ. A maximum of 15 credit hours at accepted educational institution, or as per the student’s GPA.
- Avoidance of time conflict between classes
- Submission a proof of attendance
- Avoidance of time conflict between the students’ schedule at the studied university and the academic calendar of CCQ. In case of conflict, the student will be suspended for the subsequent semester.
- CCQ may request a verification of the accuracy and authenticity of data from the concerned entities and ensure the level of the university where the student wants to study.In case of any violation of the applicable policies and regulations, CCQ may reject the application and hold the student responsible for such violation.
- The student undergoes an exam from the community college upon completion of the course to evaluate their level of academic achievement.

Required Documents​
- Completed Study Outside CCQ Form
- Course content for the courses that the student would like to study
- Course description (detailed curriculum plan) for the courses that the student would like to study
- Academic calendar of the educational institution where the student will study
- Submitting all required documents, along with the form, by email to​​​

The application for studying abroad, with all required documents, should be submitted to the relevant academic departments according to the courses. After receiving the response and approval from the academic departments, the Student Affairs & Relations Section​ informs the student of the approval and the course equivalency report, and issues the approval letter for studying abroad (for one semester only) for the approved subjects only.

Study Outside CCQ

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