Counseling and Special Needs
​​Counselling Services:
The Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section at the Community College of Qatar provides a wide range of counseling services, and strives to always help students. Although the student can request to meet the counselling staff at any time, it is better to set an appointment by sending an email that includes student's name, ID number and mobile number. Students often need advice on one of the following topics:

1- Personal counseling, such as:
- Difficulties in self-esteem, communication, or self-confidence
- Difficulties in achieving a balance between study and other responsibilities
- Difficulties in adapting to their new environment
2- Developing strategies for managing stress and anxiety (especially anxiety during the test period)
3- Intervening in emergency and crisis situations
4- Providing accommodations/facilities for students with special needs
5- Providing specialized intervention to help students respond to early alerts, repeat courses, behavioral intervention, academic alert, and academic suspension, etc.
6- Providing information about available community resources

Special Needs Services:
The Community College in Qatar is committed to providing support services, reasonable accommodations/facilities, and an equipped and supportive environment for students with special needs, within the framework of Law No. (2) of 2004 regarding People with Special Needs, and Article No. 49 of the Constitution of the State of Qatar, which states that “Education is the right of all” and “the State shall extend efforts to achieve fair and appropriate access in education for all”.

The College provides students with special needs with accommodations/facilities that supports their academic achievement. It also provides them with counseling, evaluation referral, information related to disabilities and adaptive technology equipment for academic purposes.

Students shall request the necessary services from the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section by submitting all the necessary documents in order for the Community College in Qatar to provide reasonable accommodations/facilities.

Counselling and Special Needs Services

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