As part of CCQ’s constant endeavors to encourage nationals to pursue their higher education, the College introduced flexible learning, which is an integrated educational experience that provides students with flexibility to help them manage their time in a way that allows them to achieve balance between their studies, on the one hand, and their professional and family responsibilities, on the other. In this format, physical presence is not required as much as it is in traditional classes.

Flexible learning includes hybrid learning, distance education, and reverse instruction (flipped classrooms) as well as other teaching methods that provide a high degree of flexibility. CCQ is developing this new learning path to offer courses and academic programs by adopting modern educational methods and techniques. Meanwhile, the quality of educational outputs remains the same and a priority to CCQ in order to fulfill the evolving needs of the job marke​t and to help students achieve their ambitions.

This initiative comes in response to the request of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), and based on CCQ’s vision to become a model for excellence, a pioneer in offering distinctive learning opportunities, and an efficient contributor in achieving sustainable development. All in order to serve the student and the society by providing the best academic programs.

The initiative went through many phases. It was launched as a pilot program with two classes at CCQ in the Fall 2019. Two years after, CCQ launched its hybrid learning program officially with the Associate of Business Administration as its first fully hybrid academic program. Later on, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the educational system at large, CCQ adopted distance education while benefiting from the lessons learnt from its hybrid learning experience. Today, CCQ is developing its unique flexible learning experience benefiting from the lessons learnt all throughout to expand its courses offerings.

Flexible Learning Benefits
1) It allows students to fulfill their family and professional obligations.
2) Lectures are scheduled during the weekend.
3) Lectures are being recorded so students can refer to them at their convivence.
4) It is possible to overcome geographical obstacles by interacting with students electronically.
5) It allows CCQ to benefit from distinguished experts remotely.
6) It allows CCQ to overcome some difficulties, such as raising the capacity of the required courses to a high degree.

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Flexible Learning Unit

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