Counseling and Special Needs
​Students can benefit from the services of the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section in one of the following ways:
- Requesting the service when submitting the application to join the College
- Filling in the Supportive Services Electronic Form, and the student will be contacted by the Section’s employees
- Meeting a specialist in the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section 
- Being referred by an admissions specialist to study the case (during the period of completing the application)
- Being referred by an academic advisor to study the case
- Being referred by a faculty member to study the case

Procedures for Special Needs Support Services:
The employees in the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section shall review requests and cases by following these steps:
- Examining the documents to determine the student's eligibility for academic accommodations/facilities based on the type of disability demonstrated in the documents.
- The special needs specialist shall make an appointment for the student to determine the most appropriate services and accommodations.
- The specialist shall discuss the relevant policies and procedures with the student, who shall be given a letter explaining the nature of services or accommodations that they will receive due to their disability.
- The student shall fill out a data form and sign a permit that allows the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section to share information about their disability with CCQ’s employees (deans, faculty members and academic advisors) who will take part in providing the required services and accommodations/facilities to the student.
- The specialist shall communicate with the faculty at the beginning of each semester and shall provide them with the student's letter, which proves the disability they suffer from, and the proposed academic accommodations/facilities for them.


Service Request Mechanism

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