The Student Activities Section provides students with the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by encouraging them to participate in a number of social, cultural, and intellectual activities on campus.

The Student Activities team aims at promoting student engagement and providing them with opportunities to participate in social and intellectual life, and intramural sports activities on campus and tournaments with local universities in a variety of sports including basketball and football. The purpose is not only to improve sports skills but to also promote a healthy life for students, faculty, and staff that will reinforce an active mind.

Student Clubs

The Student Activities Section oversees the development and administration of all student clubs at the College. Student clubs play an important role in the student’s educational and personal experience. It promotes teamwork, communication and leadership skills as it allows students to participate in non-academic activities that help them integrate into the College life and interact with peers who share with them the same interests.

Our student clubs include:


Quran and Recitation

Community Service and Volunteering

Arabic Language

Health Awareness

Dialogue and Debate

Environment and Astronomy

Culture and Art

Creativity and Entrepreneurship



It is also responsible for organizing a number of key events at the College sponsored by CCQ’s many student clubs.

Student Activities

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