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Program Description​

​​The mission of the Project Management Program is to provide students with quality student-centered education, aiming to supply the labor market with Qatari graduates specialized in Project Management, who will contribute to accomplishing the Qatari National Vision 2030. This program provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills and prepares them for managerial positions or for promotion to a higher managerial position in the fields of Project Management. ​


The Bachelor of Project Management is 2+2 degree program. During their course of education, the students will study various courses to enhance their knowledge, analytical abilities, and communication skills. To apply for a bachelor degree of Project Management, students must complete the associate of arts in business administration or an equivalent associate degree from an accredited institution.

Language of Instruction
  • Arabic
Total Credit Hours
  • 120
Mode of Delivery
  • Classroom Learning
  • Hybrid Learning
Program Objectives

The Program aims to produce graduates who are able to:

  1. Have comprehensive knowledge related to the different business disciplines of project management.
  2. Apply knowledge in analyzing different business scenarios and in problem-solving.
  3. Work independently and responsibly within a group.
  4. Work ethically and serve effectively in the community.
  5. Use technology effectively in their work settings to enhance their ability to take managerial decisions.
  6. Are committed to self-directed and lifelong learning.
Learning Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the theories and conceptual underpinnings related to the operations of business organizations.
  2. Define the fundamental functions of the different areas of Project Management. 
  3. Prepare and analyze relevant business information in the field of Project Management.  
  4. Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate arguments and evidence in the relevant field of Project Management.
  5. Apply problem-solving and decision-making techniques to situations in Project Management.
  6. Communicate business ideas and information effectively in both oral and written forms.
  7. Illustrate the significance of the ethical standards required of a business graduate.
  8. Show the ability to work effectively as a team member.
  9. Make effective use of technology in Business to communicate quantitative and qualitative information.
Career Opportunities

This program qualities the graduates to work in various fields in both the public and private sectors, such as:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Construction and building
  • Investment
  • Environment
  • Cultural​
Program Degree Plan

View Program Plan

Course Descriptions
  • View program's course descriptions (PDF)
Admission Policy

To be eligible to apply for the program,   the student must fit one of the following categories keeping in mind that admission is competitive based on the highest GPA:

  1. Graduates of the Associate of Arts in Business Administration – Arabic track
  2. Graduates of the Associate of Arts in Business Administration – English track
  3. Graduates of the Associate of Arts – Concentration in Business Administration – Arabic track
  4. Graduates of the Associate of Arts with a minimum of 30 Credit Hours of Business Administration courses (however, priority is for the Graduates of the Associate of Arts in Business Administration)
  5. Completing an equivalent Associate of Arts in Business Administration Degree from an accredited institution.
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Bachelor of Project Management

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