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Program Description
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration is designed to enable students to work in government, non-profit, voluntary and civil society institutions by focusing on providing students with basic and specialized knowledge, necessary practical skills in accordance with modern management concepts, and latest local and international organizational practices and experiences that would achieve academic progress and career development for students. Moreover, the Public Administration Department is keen on updating and developing the program's curriculum regularly to accommodate the developments in the field of administration in a way that best fulfills the evolving needs of the Qatari labor market.
Language of Instruction
  • Arabic
Total Credit Hours
  • 120 hours
Mode of Delivery Classroom Learning
Program Objectives

The program aims to produce graduates who are able to:

1. Identify the concepts and skills acquired in the diverse courses related to the various specializations of public administration.

2. Work independently according to modern management approaches in executive and leadership positions.

3. Understand future problems and challenges related to managing human capital and other resources.

4. Develop systematic capabilities in strategic planning, change management, crisis response and project management in the State of Qatar.

5. Understand multiple perspectives and different methodologies in the quantitative and qualitative analysis in solving administrative problems, and evaluate the feasibility of opportunities available to develop and improve various fields of work.

6. Respect work ethics and rules by imparting the values that express the contemporary organizational culture.

Learning Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students will be able to:

1. Apply the various experiences gained in their field of specialization at work.

2. Clarify management and public relations theories as they relate to the public sector to facilitate their application.

3. Apply public policies and organizational processes in accordance with modern scientific approaches in management.

4. Use effective communication methods in the work environment.

5. Apply the principles of work ethics and integrate ethical standards into the decision-making process.

6. Exercise the principles and skills of effective management leadership in implementing and developing basic tasks at various administrative levels.

7. Demonstrate advanced skill in developing innovative solutions to problems and facing contemporary administrative challenges.

8. Develop effective policies towards the social responsibility of the organization.

9. Contribute to building effective partnerships between the public and private sectors.

10. Apply the necessary skills to enhance research and development methods in the public and private sectors to encourage development and innovation activities towards achieving Qatar's vision.

Career OpportunitiesThis program qualifies the graduates to work in various fields in both the public and private sectors, such as:
      • Health
      • Education
      • Construction and building
      • Investment
      • Environment
      • Cultural

Program Plan
View Program Plan​ 
Course Descriptions
  • View program's course descriptions (PDF)​
Admission Policy

·        New Students:

·        Must follow CCQ's admission process outlined in the New Student webpage.

Current Students:

To be eligible to apply for the program, a student must complete the Associate of Art in Public Administration from CCQ with a minimum GPA of 2.5.


Note: A set number of students are admitted every year.

Contact InformationFor more information about the program, please feel free to send an email to


Bachelor of Public Administration

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