The Enrollment Section registers the English Language Center (ELC) Foundation Program students after receiving their Accuplacer test score or its equivalent. After registration, CCQ will inform students immediately to view the study schedule as follows:
- Students who did not complete the Foundation Program should fill in and submit electronic form, CCQ will notify students about the timeline via email.
- If a student wishes to withdraw or drop, they will do so from all the courses and not just one course.
- Students should achieve 70% at least in the English language test to move to the next level.
- ELC Foundation Program students who could not pass any level twice in a row cannot register in the next semester, and they have to submit a re-enrollment request. Check the Re-enrollment page for further details.
- ELC Level 2 students who wish to move up to Level 3 to study an academic program in English should fill in and submit the electronic form. CCQ will notify students about the timeline via email.
- Foundation program students can drop their courses through the Oasis (Banner) system as shown here, and this requires applying for re-enrollment to join subsequent semesters. ​

ELC Foundation Program

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