Enrollment (College Level)

Academic Load
The study load for every student in the fall and spring semesters is between   6 – 15 credit hours, while it stands at 6 credit hours in the summer semester. If the student's GPA is 3.50 or higher, he or she can register for 18 hours.

Course Registration
All college level students must complete their course registration through the self-service website:  within the registration period sent to the student’s CCQ email.

Registration services
The Enrollment Management Section provides students with a variety of services, including the processing of the following requests:
• Withdrawal requests
• Final withdrawal request
• Requests of suspended students to increase the hours
• Follow up requests to remove students fee’s hold
• Re-enrollment requests for the ELC and college level students
• Cross registration requests from CCQ to QU
• Cross registration requests from QU to CCQ
• Exception requests after taking the approval

Electronic Services
• To whom it may concern letter for course enrollment
• To whom it may concern letter for final exams date
• To whom it may concern letter for taking final exams
• To whom it may concern letter for early registration
• Student’s schedule


Enrollment Priority for Transition/College Level
The priority for course registration is given for the following students respectively:
• Graduating students
• Students with a GPA of 3.50 and higher with 12 credit hours.
• Students with 30 hours remaining to complete the total required hours
• Students with a GPA of 3.00 and higher with 12 credit hours
• All students


Class Wait-List:
CCQ offers its students the opportunity to register in a class that is already full. Students who wish to enroll in a closed class are encouraged to register their names on a wait-list. However, this does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Students must complete the class registration when a seat is available.
Students can register on the wait-list according to the below standards:
• This option is activated if a class is full
• You can add your name on the wait-list when available
• You must periodically check your priority number listed in "Banner". If the priority number reaches ZERO (0), then you will receive an e-mail notification to register
• You must complete the class registration within the allowed period. Otherwise, your name will be dropped from the wait-list.
• You are not allowed to attend the class if you are still on the wait-list.
• All wait-listed classes will be removed from the schedule by the end of the registration period.

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