Enrollment (College Level)

  • Academic Load: The study load for every student in the fall and spring semesters is between   6 – 15 credit hours, while it stands at 6 credit hours in the summer semester. If the student's GPA is 3.50 or higher, he or she can register for 18 hours.
  • Course Registration: All College level students must complete their course registration through the self-service website: and within the registration period outlined on the college website.
  • Enrollment Priority for Transition/College Level

The priority for course registration is given for the following students respectively:


          • Graduating students
          • Students with a GPA of 3.50 and higher with 12 credit hours.
  • Second:
          • Students with 30 hours remaining to complete the total required hours
          • Students with a GPA of 3.00 and higher with 12 credit hours.
  • Class Wait-List: CCQ offers its students the opportunity to register in a class that is already full. Students who wish to enroll in a closed class are encouraged to register their names on a wait-list. However, this does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Students must complete the class registration when a seat is available.

Students can register on the wait-list according to the below standards:

    • This option is activated if a class is full
    • You can add your name on the wait-list when available
    • You must periodically check your priority number listed in "Banner". If the priority number reaches ZERO (0), then you will receive an e-mail notification to register
    • You must complete the class registration within the allowed period. Otherwise, your name will be dropped from the wait-list.
    • You are not allowed to attend the class if you are still on the wait-list.
    • All wait-listed classes will be removed from the schedule by the end of the registration period.
  • ·  Class Withdrawals

- Students can drop a course without penalty before the drop period as outlined in the College Academic Calendar. It is the student's responsibly to withdraw from his/her classes. Students will receive a grade of "W" after the drop date deadline (without penalties) but must adhere to the minimum academic load policy. However, if students do not drop before the withdrawal date as indicated in the Academic Calendar, they will receive a grade of 'F'

- Drop/Fee policy is applied to all types of drops after the end of the add/drop period. For more information, please visit the Fees and Charges web page.

  • All College level students can drop their course through the self-service website: after the end of the drop period outlined on the college website. Students must adhere to the minimum academic load policy.
  • Total Withdrawal

Please note that the total withdrawal policy is applied as follows:

EventAcademic procedureFees
First total withdrawalNoneNone
Second total withdrawalNone 5,000 QR
Third total withdrawalSuspend student for one semester excluding Summer5,000 QR


  • Course Postponed

The student is allowed to postpone study for a period not exceeding three consecutive semesters (not including the summer semester). If the student exceeds the three qualifying semesters, he/she is considered suspended and must apply for re-enrollment.

In the event of total withdrawal or stopping college studies without an acceptable excuse – according to the regulations and policies of the Student Services Department, relevant fees will be charged in accordance with the college fees and charges policy. For more information about the fee policy and how to pay, visit the Fees and Charges page.

  • Class Cancellation

CCQ reserves the right to cancel any class offered before the end of the add/drop period. Students are responsible for reviewing their schedules periodically. Students are given a chance to add another course within the allowed add/drop period.

  • Cross-Registration:
    • CCQ students may concurrently study at another academic institution while studying at the College. However, must obtain approval from an Academic Advisor and the Registration Office first.
    • You must enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours at CCQ to be able to submit a Cross-Registration request for (Fall and Spring Semesters), and a minimum of 3 credit hours for (Summer Semester).
    • The combined credit hours taken at both institutions per semester must not exceed the hours permitted according to your GPA.
    • The maximum number of credit hours for which you can register in each semester depends upon your GPA, and/or the maximum number of credit hours permitted at your home institution.
    • Upon completing the course at the host institution, you must contact the Registration Office at CCQ to submit a transfer request form. Credit transfer conditions must be met.
    • The courses that are considered for transfer from all universities to CCQ must be passed with a grade "C" or higher, and are converted to "T" without affecting the student's GPA at CCQ. Courses that are submitted for transfer must be completed a maximum of 5 years before the date of submission.
    • To ensure their transfer to CCQ, the student is responsible for selecting the courses that are included in the articulation between CCQ and QU before being registered with QU.
    • The College policy states that the last 15 hours earned for students in the associate degree program and the last 30 hours earned in the bachelor degree program must be studied at CCQ.
  • Expected to graduate students:

Policies for graduates and expected-to-graduate students

Expected-to-graduate students:

- If the student wishes to receive the graduation certificate and attend the graduation ceremony, he/she must submit the application for graduation using his/her account in the Banner Self-Service system.

- Expected graduates who have applied for the graduation application are not allowed to register in additional courses unless they are admitted into a new program.

- If the graduation application is submitted and additional courses are registered during the early registration period, the graduation application will be canceled and the student will not be handed the graduation certificate or allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.

- Students who have completed all the courses in their study plan and have not applied for graduation can register for additional courses but can neither receive the graduation certificate nor attend the graduation ceremony.


- Students who have graduated in previous semesters are not allowed to register for additional courses unless they are admitted to a new program.

- The student may enroll in, and obtain certificates for, a maximum of two associate and/or bachelor programs.

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