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Program DescriptionThe Associate of Applied Arts in Theater Arts program aims to promote the artistic and cultural movement in the field of theater arts in Qatar by introducing students to the field of drama and theater science in theory and practice. The program seeks to enrich the cultural scene through providing educational services and artistic performances, and the active participation in the creative arts and the cultural and artistic diversity strategy in the State of Qatar.
Language of Instruction
  • Arabic
Total Credit Hours
  • 60
Mode of Delivery Classroom Learning
Program Objectives

The Program aims to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Know the theories of theatre, direction, décor, criticism, and theatre management
  • The ability to make use of theoretical knowledge in theatre projects
  • Improve critical thinking in areas of specialty.
  • Promote artistic and theatrical ethics
  • The ability to enrich theatre, Qatari theatre, and aesthetic taste.
Learning Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students will be able to:

  1. Explain theatrical basics, history, and general trends
  2. Analyze the theatrical text, its specialty and its requirements.
  3. Employ the skills and knowledge to make plays.
  4. Integrate individual skills in collective projects to make plays.
  5. Manage groups to stage plays.
  6. Plan plays from performing, directing, décor, criticism, and management.
  7. Analyzing and assessing plays according to specialty.
  8. Employ professional ethics.
  9. Connect with the audience for the success of the play.
Career Opportunities This program qualifies the graduates to work in various fields in both the public and private sectors, such as:
      • Ministry of Culture and Sport
      • Ministry of Education and Higher Education
      • Independent Schools
      • Doha Film Institute
      • Local and International Media Corporations
      • Qatar Media Corporation – Qatar TV, Al Rayyan Satellite Channel, Aljazeera
      • Katara – The Cultural Village Foundation
Program PlanView Program Plan​ 
Course Descriptions
  • View Course Catalogue (PDF)
Admission Policy

·        New Students:​

·        Must follow CCQ's admission process outlined at the New Student webpage.

Current students

Student should have level 2 foundation or more

Non Qatari students

Programs accepts non Qatari students born in Qatar according to the following

  1. Submit an application that includes: the ID, secondary school diploma, cv, and medical certificate
  2. Pass the interview that the department announces
  3. Acceptance of the ministry of culture and sports
Contact InformationFor more information about the program, please feel free to send an email to TheaterArts@ccq.edu.qa


Associate of Theater Arts

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