Counseling and Special Needs
​​​The Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section is always pleased to assist our students with special needs to ensure their fair and appropriate access to the College's programs and services. If you encounter any academic or procedural challenges, do not hesitate to contact us to seek help.

Target Student Groups:
- Students with motor difficulties 
- Students with visual difficulties 
- Students with hearing difficulties 
- Students with speech and language difficulties 
- Students with learning difficulties 
- Students with psychological challenges 
- Autistic Students 
- Students with chronic health conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.)
- Students with temporary difficulties due to an illness or accident

Our Main Functions and Services:
- Communicating directly with students with special needs to know the condition of each of them and make the appropriate accommodations.
- Establishing communication between the Student Affairs Division and other academic divisions and departments related to the needs of this group.
- Holding the necessary meetings with students with special needs and the academic divisions to introduce them to the services provided to them and to learn about their requirements.
- Working on include students with special needs in all the programs available to them (training, activities, special days and events dedicated to them).
- Holding workshops to familiarize the faculty members with the needs of this group and facilitate the fulfillment of their academic and social requirements.
- Opening a file for each student (case follow-up) at the academic level to rectify any deficiencies that occur during their academic journey in the College.
- Communicating and dealing with students who have exceptional social conditions to reduce the difficulties they face. 

For inquiries or booking an appointment with a member of the Counselling and Special/Social Needs Section, please feel free to contact our team:

Team Member Email Phone

Naima Ahmed
(Section Head)
Muna Al-Quhumi 44011638
Latefa Al-Bader 44011443​
Aida Albalushi 44016998​​

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