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​​​​​Graduation Requirements

Students may graduate according to the catalog degree requirements in effect at the time of first enrollment or any subsequent catalog degree requirements, provided that the degree, the program, and required courses are still being offered, and provided that the student has:

  • - Fulfilled all academic and major requirements of the degree program
  • - Completed a minimum of 60 credit hours (according to the hours required for each academic program) for an associate degree; 18 credit hours of residency must be taken at CCQ
  • - Completed a minimum of 120 credit hours for a bachelor's degree, provided that 30 credit hours of them were studied at the Community College of Qatar
  • - Achieved a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 at the completion of the degree programs
  • - Students must submit the application for degree form and attach the required documents through Banner before the set deadline. The graduation application dates are announced every semester electronically through Banner.

    Graduates and Expected Graduates Policy

1. Expected graduates:

  • - If a student wants to obtain the graduation statement and attends the graduation ceremony, he/she must submit the graduation application through "Banner" self-service within the announced times.
  • - Graduates who apply for graduation are not allowed to register additional courses in the upcoming semesters unless they are accepted to a new program.
  • - If the graduation application is submitted and additional courses are registered during the early registration period, the graduation request will be canceled. Subsequently, the student will not be given the graduation statement or be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.
  • - Students who have completed all the courses in their study plan and have not applied for graduation can register additional courses, but they cannot receive the graduation statement or attend the graduation ceremony.

2. Student who graduated in previous semesters:

- Students who have already graduated are not allowed to register additional courses unless they are accepted into a new program.
-Students are entitled to get a diploma and a bachelor's degree in a maximum of two academic programs at the Community College of Qatar.

Graduation Ceremony

Students who are expected to graduate must submit an application for graduation and express their interest to participate in the graduation ceremony, provided that the following conditions are met:
- The student must have completed the requirements of the degree plan.
- The GPA must be 2.00 or above.

- Only students who have completed all degree requirements at the end of the fall, spring, or summer semester are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.
- To graduate with honors, the student must achieve a cumulative GPA of 4.


The following is the minimum number of hours required to graduate from each academic program:

Each academic program offered at the Community College has a degree plan that includes a number of earned hours that the student must complete to fulfill the requirements to graduate from the program, and upon that the student gets the degree whether a diploma or a bachelor's degree. The number of earned hours for each program may vary depending on the type of program offered. The table below shows the programs offered by the College and the number of hours gained for each major.​

Earned Hours Major Program
60Associate of Arts - English  TrackAA
60Associate of Arts - Arabic  TrackAAA
60Associate of SciencesAS
60Associate of Science in Information TechnologyASIT
60Associate of Arts in Public AdministrationAAPAD
60Associate of Applied Science in Customs ManagementAASCUS
60Associate of Business Administration – English TrackAABUSADM
60Associate of Business Administration – Arabic TrackAABUSADMAR
Associate of Applied Arts in Theatre ArtsAAATH
Associate of Science in Engineering TechnologyASET
69Associate of Applied Science in Health Information ManagementAASHIM
Associate of Applied Science in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementAASLSCM
Associate of Arts in Early Childhood EducationAAECE
120Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Cyber and Network Security)BSIT
120Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering TechnologyBSETMET
120Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering  TechnologyBSETEET
120Bachelor of Arts in Public AdministrationBAPAD
120Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management BLSCM

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