Student Affairs & Relations Section

​​​​In order to ensure a smooth enhancement of the educational process, the Student Affairs & Relations Section seeks to achieve the vision of the Community College of Qatar by supporting students with a set of electronic services, while adhering to the College policies and laws that ensure their needs are met. In light of this and in collaboration with other sections, such as the Academic Advising Section, the Enrollment Management Section and the Admission Section; the Student Affairs & Relations Section​ performs many procedures such as changing majors, providing course equivalences, studying courses outside the Community College, graduation procedures and many other tasks, whether for current or prospective students. In addition, it issues official documents to students (such as academic transcripts and graduation statements and certificates).

The many services provided by the Student Affairs & Relations Section​ include:
- Issuing letters and official documents (academic transcript, graduation statements, graduation certificates and expected  graduation letters)
- Grades and equivalent symbols
- Transfer of course credits from Qatar university and other academic institutions
- Completing graduation procedures
- Changing “incomplete” grade
- Outstanding Academic Performance (Dean’s and Honors Lists, and Honors Program)
- Studying outside the Community College​
- Issuing student’s academic standing​
- Archiving and e-archiving
For more information and inquiries, please feel free to contact us via or call us at 16070, choose “Student Services”, then “Students Affairs and Relations Section”.​​​


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