Transfer to another College or University

An articulation agreement is a set of transfer plans between two institutions facilitating accurate and efficient transfer between those institutions. A transfer plan is a determination by both the community college and the university that courses taken within a transfer plan will count toward a student's major at the university. These plans are also called 2+2 agreements, that is, the first two years taken at the community college and the last two years taken at the university. CCQ students can expect a "seamless" transfer if following a transfer plan based on equivalencies.

CCQ may not have articulation plans with many of the universities around the world. We recommend that you print the study or degree plan of the university that you would like to transfer to and make an appointment with a counselor or advisor to see your options at CCQ.

Note: An established transfer plan guarantees the transfer of courses toward a particular major at the transfer institution of choice. However, the student should check with the university to insure that he/she has the most recent update.

1. Transferring to QU: CCQ QU Articulation Agreement

2. Questions to ask a University when you’re Transferring: It’s important to see if a university fits you. It maybe the best in a particular field, but it’s more important to know if it fits your learning style and personality.

3. How to Write a Personal Statement: Handout


Transfer Scholarships

There are many scholarships available for Qatari students when transferring. The Supreme Education Council’s Higher Education Institute is one of Qatar’s leading scholarship providers.

Supreme Education Council-Higher Education Institute: Universities & College 2014-2016

Supreme Education Council-Higher Education Institute: US Community Colleges 2015


Study Abroad
Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience. Please ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the university have the major I want?
  • Is this the right university of me?
  • Are there a lot of international students at the university?
  • Do you have family or friends in the city to help you out?
  • Do I like the weather?
  • What do you want to gain from studying abroad?
  • Professors, Advisors or Counselors can help you find the right university or college for your major. They can also provided limited help with any immigration paperwork to the US, UK or Austrailia.

Transfer to Another University

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