Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) aims to embody excellence and innovation in educational technology, teaching and learning by developing the technical skills and qualifications of instructors, towards enriching the student learning experience.

* Building teaching and learning capacity among faculty members
* Train and support faculty and students on the effective use of instructional technology platforms
* Enhance student learning and classroom engagement

Our Services
• Consulting: We provide individual and group consulting services
• Training: We offer a wide range of specialized workshops, presentations, and seminars throughout the academic year, which cover numerous aspects, whether technological, technical, or otherwise, to enhance teaching and learning excellence
• Resources: We provide a wide range of modern tools required for the educational process
• Funding: We provide funding and support for research projects and tools that support the educational process
• Support: We provide support for a number of educational systems such as Blackboard and Banner among many others

Programs and Activities
The TLC provides many programs and activities, most notably
• The TLC Symposium
• Tutoring program for students
• Program for assessing the interaction of teachers in the use of the Blackboard
• Professional development programs

Learning spaces to support the educational process
• Multimedia software hall
• Lecture hall
• Online meeting room
• An open work hall for faculty members and students.
• A hall for training and direct broadcasting of lectures.

Tutoring Program
Focus on empowering students with knowledge and skills to help them achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
Tel.:  4401 1506
Email: ITLC@ccq.edu.qa


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