1. How I can update my personal information?
You can update your personal information from OASIS self-service. Go to , login using your username and PIN that under personal information, so you can update your information. Or you can contact in person the Registration Office. You must show your student ID card.

2. How can I know the offered classes for the upcoming semester?
Go to On the main page you will find class schedule. Select the required semester and search for the offered classes.

3. How can I know if I am eligible to register in a course?
Go to On the main page you will find course catalog. Search for the required course and read the pre-requisite section. If you have completed the pre-requisite then you are able to register this course if it is under your degree plan.

4. How can I know my degree plan?
Search for your degree plan on the college website or contact the advising department for more information.

5. How I can know the remaining courses in my degree plan?
After you login to Process your degree evaluation and look at the categories that are not completed.

6. What is the minimum and the maximum study load?
During Fall and Spring semesters, the study load must be between (9 – 15) credit hours, and during the Summer semester, the study load is (6) credit hours.

7. Who can register more than the maximum credit hours?
Only students with GPA greater than 3.5 can register up to (18) credit hours. There are no exceptions during the Summer Semester.

8. How I can be on the Dean’s or Honor’s list?
You must fulfill the following requirements:
- Register and Pass in minimum of (12) hours during the Fall or Spring semester
- Your term GPA must be between 3.35-3.59 in order to be placed on the Honor’s list.
- Your term GPA must be between 3.6 - 4.0 in order to be placed on the Dean’s list.

9. I am an ELC student and I stopped my studying for more than one semester, how I can go back to school?
You must contact the Registration Office to fill out the re-enrollment request form.

10. What is the difference between College and ACUM GPA on the transcript?
The College GPA is the overall GPA for all College level course excluding foundation and transition courses, whereas the ACUM GPA is the overall GPA for all courses taken at CCQ including foundation and transition. Only the College GPA is counted upon completion of the graduation requirements.

11. How is the Honors recognition calculated?
The Honors recognition is calculated based on the College GPA as follows:
Dean’s list 3.60 – 4.00
Honor’s list 3.35 - 3.59


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