1. How do I know which classes are offered for the upcoming semester?
Visit On the main page, you will find the class schedule. Select the required semester, and search for the offered classes.

2. How to know if I am eligible to register in a course?
Visit On the main page, you will find the course catalog. Search for the required course, and read the pre-requisites section. If you have completed the pre-requisites, you can register for the course, as long as it is under your degree plan.

3. What is the minimum and the maximum study load?
During the Fall and Spring semesters, the study load must be between (6 – 15) credit hours. During the Summer semester, the study load is (3 - 6) credit hours.

4. Who can register more than the maximum credit hours?
Only students with a GPA greater than 3.5 can register up to (18) credit hours. There are no exceptions during the Summer semester.

5. I am an ELC student and I stopped my studying for more than one semester, how can I resume my study?
You must contact the Registration Office to fill out the re-enrollment request form.

6. How can I pay the Hold fees?
You can pay by visiting the online payment page.


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