Cross-Registration with QU

CCQ Students who wish to register for QU classes (Cross Registration)

CCQ students who wish to take classes at QU must follow the Cross Registration guidelines. Students must take CCQ & QU classes at the same time.


  • Applicants must be a Qatari National
  • Students must apply for cross registration with QU and get approval from CCQ at the beginning of every semester
  • Students can take a maximum of 18 credit hours at both institutions. Students, who take more courses, may not be allowed to transfer the additional credits back to QU.
  • Please always check with CCQ & QU on their policy & procedures about Cross Registration

To apply to QU:

  • Obtain an approval letter from CCQ.
  • Apply to QU online as a new transfer student, select CCQ Cross Registration.
  • Submit:
    • Official CCQ Transcript
    • 2 passport size photos

CCQ students must reapply each semester they would like to Cross Register with QU.

Please check with QU when registration opens & closes.

Cross-Registration with QU

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