Academic Advising

Academic Advising is one among numerous means of assistance to engage students with their academic atmosphere. This is done with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve their best outcomes and make use of available opportunities for them by providing them with the academic skills that elevate their level of educational achievement.

The Academic Advising Section offers various academic advisory programs for students, provides them with knowledge and specialized information, aids them to overcome their academic obstacles, raises their academic awareness level, retains them, and leads them to excel.

Advising Services

Each student is assigned to a specific academic advisor upon admission. The academic advisor assists students with the following:
• Offer motivational academic follow-ups for students to ensure their retention at CCQ until their graduation
• Provide students with information about the possibilities available to them, and the facilities offered by CCQ
• Advise students to enroll in required courses according to their study plans in order to enhance their academic performance
• Organize periodic meetings with each student assigned to the advisor
• Meet with students to answer their inquiries at the advisor’s office during the official working hours
• Communicate electronically with students to discuss any academic difficulties
• Help students in identifying which degree suits their abilities and interests
• Help students in choosing courses that suit their study plans and their requirements
• Provide students with advices that can assist in continuing their outstanding performance
• Acquaint students with the graduation requirements, and the ways to fulfill them
• Help struggling students with low academic achievement, and follow up with them until they reach excellence

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