​CCQ aims to sign articulation agreements with other universities across the world. The articulation agreement is a set of transfer plans between two institutions facilitating accurate and efficient transfer between those institutions.
A transfer plan is a determination by both CCQ and the university that courses taken within a transfer plan will count toward a student's major at the university. CCQ students can expect a "seamless" transfer if following a transfer plan based on equivalencies.
Thus, we advise students to preview the study plan and the university courses of the university to which they wish to transfer. After that, they can book an appointment with their academic advisor at CCQ to find about the possibilities available for them.
Note: An established transfer plan guarantees the transfer of courses toward a particular major at the transfer institution of choice. However, the student should check with the university to insure that he/she has the most recent update.

Articulation with Qatar University
Requirements to Transfer CCQ Graduates to QU
1. Holding a CCQ associate’s degree
2. Completing a minimum of 60 credit hours
3. An accumulative GPA of 2.5/4 minimum

Requirements to Transfer CCQ Non-Graduates to QU
1. Completing a minimum of 24 credit hours
2. An accumulative GPA of 2.5/4 minimum

To find out more, please view the list of Articulated Courses.​

Articulation with Other Universities

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