Academic Advising

Meet Your Academic Advisor

Academic advisors are keen on helping you, so do not hesitate to contact them for a consultation. Remember to locate their office, and book an appointment ahead of time.

Methods of communication with your academic advisor
- Pre-booked Appointments

In case you want to meet your academic advisor to discuss your study plan and academic status, or to consult him/her in selecting courses, you should book an appointment by visiting the Advising Appointments webpage.
If you are unable to attend or wish to cancel the appointment, you must send a two-hour prior notice regarding your cancellation through email to the academic advisor (the academic advisor that was chosen during the appointment booking process).

- Direct Communication

If you have a quick question in need of an urgent answer, you can directly head to the Academic Advising Office during the specified working hours assigned for quick inquiries in both the morning and evening periods. Please take into account the following matters:
• Take a number from the Q-ticket machine and wait.
• This way of communication follows a ‘first come, first served’ basis.​

Meet Your Academic Advisor

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