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How do I enroll/register?


a. Apply Online:

b. Take the Compass Placement ESL Test

c. Based on your Level and seat availability, you will be contacted for Orientation for the upcoming semester.

d. If you are not contacted, you will be placed on the wait list for the next semester.

What does the test cover?

​The test covers your basic English in Reading, Listening, Grammar and Writing. It is a placement test and is not a pass or fail exam/test. It allows us to know what your English Level is so that we can place you in the correct level. Although you may want to complete as quickly as possible, we want to place you into a level that is right for you. We do not want to place you into a level that is too difficult and have you fail or place you into a level that is too easy.

What can I do if I do not have a seat this upcoming semester?

​Please continue to practice your English by attending programs outside CCQ. Your name will be placed on the wait list until we have more seats available in the upcoming semesters. You may have the option to retake the test in the future. Please refer to the retest policy.

Where can I go to practice my English? Which English programs should I take outside of CCQ do you recommend?

​You can look for English training centers in Doha. Please contact an advisor or counselor for some of the training centers available. Although it is not a complete list, it will give you a good start. Search for programs with small class sizes and look at the teacher’s qualifications. Feel comfortable with the program that you are selecting. Although there are never any guarantees, usually an English training center will help you improve your English and possibly improve your placement into a higher level. You may have the option to retake the test in the future. Please refer to the retest policy.

Do you accept non-Qataris?

​All students are accepted at CCQ. We hope to offer classes to non-Qataris in the coming years. Currently we are only offering classes to Qataris.

My employer needs a letter from CCQ. How do I request for one?

​Please drop by the Admissions and Registration office for any letters needed for your employer or sponsor.

After Foundation classes, do I have to take another examination?

​No, after you complete Level 4, you will go into Level 5. Level 5 consists of 2 Foundation classes and 2 College Level Classes. Level 5 is the final time students will have an opportunity to receive help with their English while taking college courses so that they are better prepared for their college level courses. When you complete Level 5, you will be able to go into College Level.

When are you going to have an articulation agreement? How do I transfer to a College or University after CCQ?

​We intend to have an articulation agreement with Qatar University soon. We are currently working with Education City and other colleges in Doha. However, we ask that all students visit the college or university of interest to speak to their Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor can tell you what classes their university will accept and most importantly it gives you an opportunity to speak to a representative of your future college/university of interest. We ask all students to be prepared before visiting any college/university by having a degree plan, catalog book and list of questions so that a good impression is given the college/university of interest.

How do I study Abroad?

​Studying abroad will give you an unparalleled opportunity to learn English at an accelerated pace. Students are welcome to study abroad but it is the student’s responsibility to research the study abroad opportunities. If you are studying abroad you will be considered an International Student and students should research the following before studying overseas:

a. Which College/University will I attend?

b. Does the city where I am studying feel comfortable and safe for me to attend?

c. What is the Tuition for studying at the college/university and what is the cost of living there?

d. Is there affordable transportation to go to school, and to learn about the city?

I’m having problems in class? What should I do?

​Please speak to your professor, counselor or advisor to discuss any concerns you have.

I’m at new student, can I retake the COMPASS ESL placement examination?

​Students may be allowed to retest on a case by case basis. Students can take the test once every semester if they show that they have done something significant to justify a retest. Students may be considered for retesting if they take additional classes in English, received tutoring, or any other coursework to be determined by the Advisor or Counselor.

I’m a current CCQ student in a foundation level, how do I skip the next level?

​You must finish the current semester. At the end of the semester, all of your Foundation English professors must recommend that you retake the placement examination. If you score into a higher level, you will be able to move on to that level. Please tell your professors that you wish to be recommended for testing at the end of the semester.

I would like to earn a second higher education degree. What should I do?

In this case, applicants will be considered new students and they will have to submit their application in the specified dates

I had an issue when paying electronically. What should I do?
Make sure that you entered the following information correctly
- Your ID Card no (not your debit/ credit card no)
- The phone number of the debit/ credit card holder
If the issue persists, contact the bank to resolve it.


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