CCQ celebrates International Women's Day

In celebration of the International Women's Day, which coincides with the date of Women's International Democratic Federation’s (WIDF) first conference in France on March 8, 1945, the Library at the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) recently organized a series of seminars, lectures and activities in cooperation with, and in the presence of, the College’s students.

The event was attended by faculty and guests, who enriched the event with their insights about the status of women in societies in general, and the Qatari community in particular.
At the outset of the event, guests were presented with a special video produced by Ms. Hanan Al-Qahtani about the achievements of women in the Qatari society, after which Ms. Marwa ElDeeb conducted the first lecture entitled "Your rights as a student" to introduce students to their rights as CCQ students and their duties toward their colleagues and professors.

The event included hosting a prominent Qatari female figure, the General Manager of Bedaya Center Ms. Reem Al-Suwaidi, and presenting her to the audience as a role model for what Qatari women have achieved on their path to success. The meeting was followed by a seminar entitled "Women's legal rights between the past and the present" presented by Dr. Omar Al-Ajali and Shari'a Judge Sheikh Mamun Al-Masri, and moderated by Dr. Kamal Al-Muqabla. The third and final lecture, under the title "A gently flowing stream", was moderated by Dr. Uraib Mohammed Eid, with the participation of a group of CCQ students with notable academic and professional achievements in the Qatari community.

Concluding the event, a prominent female figure from the Community College was honored as well as the participants in the International Women's Day activities by Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Fatima Al-Naemi and the Library Director Ms. Reem Al-Ansari.

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