CCQ honors outstanding students on Dean’s and Honor Lists

The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) organized a ceremony to honor the outstanding students on the Dean's And Honor Lists for the fall 2021 semester. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Khalid Al-Abdulqader, CCQ Vice President, Dr. Izzeldin Bakhit, Dean of the Management Sciences Division, Mariam Al-Hammadi, Dean of the Liberal Arts Division, and Dr. Mustafa Al-Khawaldeh, Dean of Student Affairs, in the presence of a large number of students and faculty members.

This honoring ceremony comes as part of the College's efforts to celebrate the academic excellence of its students and encourage them to continue to advance their academic levels. It also marks one of the academic achievements that the College is proud of, as a true translation of the tireless efforts made to develop academic plans and programs and improve the learning outcomes for its students.

Dr. Al-Abdulqader extended his congratulations to the outstanding students and said: "At the Community College of Qatar, we strive to promote a culture of academic excellence among students during their educational journey to enable them to excel and succeed in the labor market. We hope that today’s recognition will give our students real momentum to continue their post-graduation success towards realizing their professional ambitions."

For his part, Dr. Al-Khawaldeh delivered a speech in which he praised the achievements of the outstanding students, noting that academic excellence itself is a challenge, which urges students to move forward and take steps towards further successes He also stressed that academic excellence is a great responsibility that promotes a sense of confidence, pride, and self-esteem.

Student Ibrahim Al-Sada, Associate of Arts in Public Administration, who achieved a semester GPA of 4.0, gave a speech on behalf of his colleagues, expressing their delight with the recognition they received, saying: "We thank Allah for crowning our efforts with excellence, honor, and elevation. Joining the Dean’s or Honor list will motivate us further to maintain this level of academic excellence and move it up to the highest levels."

Student Noora Isa Mohamed Al-Hammadi, Associate of Science in Information Technology, said: "Praise and thanks be to Allah for this achievement that I was striving and aspiring to reach, and thanks to my family for supporting me and strengthening my will. I would like to stress that our goals and aspirations can only be achieved after going through difficult times that make us more determined and persistent to overcome obstacles and reach success.”

Student Maryam Sanad Al-Nuaimi, Associate of Science in Information Technology, expressed her joy, saying: “Reaching success requires perseverance, determination, and passion for learning and academic advancement. Thanks to Allah for crowning my efforts with this achievement. I would also like to thank CCQ President, staff and faculty members for their tremendous efforts.”

Students who completed 12 or more credit hours during the fall or spring semesters at the college level with a semester GPA of 3.6 or higher are included in the Dean's List, whereas students with a semester GPA of 3.35 to 3.59 are included in the Honor List.  In addition to honoring them, students who have proven their academic excellence can enroll in the Honors Program, through which the College seeks to identify, motivate, and mentor outstanding students by studying more challenging courses to augment their transcripts.

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