CCQ holds a symposium entitled "Islamic Culture and Contemporary Challenges"

The Humanities Department in the Liberal Arts Division at the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) organized a scientific symposium entitled "Islamic Culture and Contemporary Challenges".

Dr. Mariam Al-Hammadi, Dean of the Liberal Arts Division, opened the symposium, which was moderated by Dr. Mohamed Ameen, Chair of Humanities Department at CCQ, in the presence of a large number of students, faculty, and guests.

The symposium was initiated by Prof. Dr. Dheen Mohamed, Professor of Comparative Religion at Muhammed Bin Hamad Al Thani      Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, HBKU's College of Islamic Studies, with a presentation entitled "Intellectual Challenge and Muslim Personality", where he discussed contemporary challenges, stressing that internal challenges of a poor personality are much more dangerous than external challenges.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Abdelkader Bekhouche, Department Head of Aqeedah and Dawa at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University, presented a working paper entitled "The New Atheism: Causes, Risks and Ways to Confront It". Dr. Bekhouche highlighted the role of Western thought in the spread of atheism with the emergence of social media, and the role of society in the transfer of Islamic culture and thought.

Dr. Esmael Al-Adwi, Assistant Professor at the Humanities Department at CCQ, addressed the weakening of cultural institutions and symbols while referring to the key contemporary challenges to Islamic culture and their causes and origins. Dr. Al-Adwi also highlighted the role of the family in shaping generations, culture and personality.

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