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What is a Service Learning Program?

Service Learning is an approach and curriculum that combines learning and community service objectives to provide a learning experience that is both practical and beneficial for students and community at the same time. It revolves around involving students in various projects where they can apply classroom learning in local (and sometimes external) bodies, to induce positive change in the students and society at large.

Student Benefits

  • Acquiring the skills of dealing with others.
  • Developing personal leadership skills.
  • Developing a personal sense of achievement in their academic life and helping define their goals.
  • Allowing them to exercise their social responsibility.
  • Developing problem-solving, critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Increasing motivation and promoting citizenship.
  • Reducing negative stereotypes resulting from students' lack of experience, by interacting with different cultures and practices.
  • Appreciating human participation and respect for rights and freedoms.
  • Students will be awarded a Certificate of recognition for their learning service contribution
  • Honoring students' outstanding work

    Faculty Benefits
  • Providing external sources of new ideas.
  • Opening academic horizons for science and community development.
  • Providing new scientific and practical initiatives.
  • Building multiple partnerships with other organizations.
  • Building relationships with professionals and community members which can lead to more cooperation in different fields.  

    Admission Process
  1. Must enroll in a required or elective course.
  2. Must sign a Service Learning Agreement.
  3. Must complete (2) hours of community service per week for (16) week classes and (4) hours per week for (8) week classes.
  4. Fill a form signed by the organization you work for.
  5. Write a report on your community service work.
  6. Deliver a presentation on your community service involvement and learning outcomes.
  7. Keep a Service-Learning Activity Log.
  8. Provide evidence and documents supported by pictures or videos.

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Service Learning

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